for Mobile

New Huo WT has a full mobile development and mobile backend development practice on AWS and has well-experienced professional technologies and services in the field of cloud computing.

New Huo WT is good at Android development and has rich multi-model adaptation development experience, which can quickly build robust mobile phone applications. Also, we develop, automate, and deploy the AWS backends that support the mobile applications we develop. We leverage some of the key AWS services to build cohesive mobile solutions including API Gateway, SNS, Lambda, KMS and more. We can provide users with end-to-end solutions for companies with mobile needs. If clients require ongoing support, New Huo WT offers managed services to support their mobile solutions, including development and infrastructure management.

New Huo WT has designed and built mobile applications and cloud infrastructure for many mobile application use cases, including:

  • Multi-Blockchain Explorer Platform mobile application for Satomoto with Cloud Architecture. Satomoto enables users to query the balance of millions of addresses within an acceptable time range through Multi-Blockchain full-volume data storage. The solutions included Amazon RDS, CodeBuild, S3, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, and KMS to ensure the huge storage requirements and absolute data security.

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  • Virtual currency aggregation market mobile application for TradingMen with cloud resources and architectures. The mobile application was a native Android application that provides users with a cross-exchange aggregation market display of multiple popular currencies. New Huo WT designed, developed, automated, and deployed the entire AWS infrastructure.

    Read the case study.

  • Encrypted notes and password management tool mobile application NoteSV with the API that fronts the entire AWS infrastructure. We through Lambda improves the processing capacity, processing blockchain data. The solutions included Amazon CloudFront, S3, EC2, RDS, CloudWatch, EKS, ELB, DynamoDB, VPC, Lambda, KMS, CloudTrail, Kinesis, SQS, CodeBuild, SES, MobileAnalytic, Device Farm, etc.
  • Digital asset transactions and asset management mobile application New Huo Tech to provide secure and reliable services for tens of millions of users in more than 130 countries around the world. New Huo WT created a solution using AWS KMS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Code Pipeline, CodeBuild, Device Farm, Pinpoint, and Cognito to meet the demand.