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Three strengths of Win Techno

  • プロのチーム


    Many of our engineers are certified by major cloud providers. We provide services by engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in cloud development.

  • 全面的なサポート


    We provide various services such as environment construction , support of migrating Cloud systems from existing systems, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) construction support, billing agency, system operation agency, etc. By providing integrated services, we can maximize the convenience of the using cloud services.

  • 独自の技術力


    We have high technical capabilities in the financial industry and blockchain. We have a wealth of know-how in system security enhancement and 24/7/365 monitoring system development, and are engaged in the development of blockchain-based solutions.


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We offer the following solutions

Cloud Integration Service

  • クラウド環境の導入・構築

    Introduction and construction of cloud environment

    Professional product managers and system architects, certified by major cloud vendor, provide know-how on migrating system infrastructure to the cloud and help solve problems in using cloud services. We provide tailor-made solutions to customers.

  • クラウドサービスの請求代行

    Cloud service billing agency

    To make the cloud service easier to use, we provide a billing agency service. You can pay the usage fee in Japanese yen, US dollar or Cryptocurrency.

  • MSPサービス

    MSP Service

    We provide system monitoring automation and services that allow you to operate the cloud comfortably. We are also working to provide high security, high scalability, and low cost system operation solutions.

  • Blockchainソリューション

    Blockchanin Solution

    We use blockchain technology to provide many kinds of cloud products, blockchain related technology and consulting services to our customers.

Support the following cloud services

  • amazon web service
  • Alibaba Cloud

Other Solutions

  • pega

    Pegasystems is a leader in software that enables customer engagement and operational excellence. Using Pega's adaptive cloud design software, based on the latest blockchain technology, Win Techno Inc can quickly deploy BPM packages equipped with the functions necessary for business. We also can design and develop consistently from simple input to linkage to complex core systems.


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About Us

primarily engaged in the provision of data center related services, like data storage and backup, data center operation and maintenance, and cloud-related services, like cloud migration, environment construction and introduction support services for Amazon Web Service and other cloud services.


We work with many partner companies to provide high quality services to our customers.

  • amazon web service
  • @tokyo
  • equinix
  • zenlayer
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • pega