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Cloud Business

As a powerful provider of technical solutions, Win Techno has well-experienced professional technologies and services in the field of cloud computing. We can provide users with the most professional technical solution services in the cloud environment architecture optimization, cloud migration, cloud-native application development, etc. We also provide support for enterprises to carry out digital transformation and continuous innovation. 


Win Techno

Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable users to run almost all applications in the cloud, covering enterprise applications, big data projects, social games, mobile applications, etc. One of the main advantages of cloud computing is that users can pay for usage without upfront cost, and can dynamically expand the scope of infrastructure services following the promotion of user business.

Win Techno

As an advanced consulting partner of AWS, Win Techno has many AWS certifications and has extensive experience in cloud development and cloud migration. We will be your most trusted cloud service expert. Win Techno's main businesses include the introduction and construction of cloud environment, cloud service billing agency, MSP service, etc.


AWS Certification


  • AWS Billing Service

    AWS resource services used by users are subcontracted by Win Techno. While ensuring the same quality and price as AWS resource services, Win Techno also provides users with services such as exclusive account managers, technical specialists, and technical support.

  • Cloud Migration Service on AWS

    Win Techno can combine business requirements with application architecture to design cloud resources and deployment schemes with well-architecture and cost efficiency for users. Win Techno can assist users to complete cloud environment construction, application deployment, system integration, data migration, and provides advice, guidance, or training on cloud-native application design.

  • AWS Cloud Maintenance and Support Service

    Win Techno can assist users in establishing and perfecting DevOps systems and tools, such as continuous application integration, releasing, and autonomous deployment of cloud resources. Win Techno can also assist users to deploy and implement MSP systems and tools, such as network services, security services, cloud monitoring services, to implement the integrated operation and maintenance of applications and cloud resources.

  • AWS Architecture Optimization Service

    By analyzing and adjusting cloud resource combination, capacity allocation, procurement mode, deployment architecture, and application architecture, Win Techno assists users optimize in terms of cost, performance, availability, security, and scalability. And while improving the security and reliability of the system, the cost of using the cloud can be significantly reduced.

  • Cloud-Native Application Development Service

    Win Techno assists users plan, develop and operate stateless and serverless cloud-native application systems, make full use of cloud resources and architecture advantages, and build new applications with low cost, high availability, disaster recovery, distribution, and scalability.

  • AWS DevOps Service

    Win Techno can assist users build a DevOps culture and set up an automated cloud framework to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery. Through DevOps technology, Win Techno can assist users improve the efficiency of development and operation, reduce risks, focus on business development, and enhance competitiveness.

    AWS DevOpsサービス