Case Study

Develop the virtual currency aggregation market application TradingMen using cloud resources and architectures.

The virtual currency aggregation market application TradingMen provides users with cross-exchange aggregation market display of multiple popular currencies. And it also provides users with functions such as subscription platform customization, market push, margin closeout alarm, big price movement alarm, trading volume variation alarm, etc. The market data of the application is convenient for users to download at any time, and the alarming accuracy can be continuously improved through machine learning and data analysis in the future.


  • To handle the huge market information better, TradingMen needs to improve the response time of API and to ensure the stability and availability of the server, which should automatically recover in case of failure.
  • To reduce operation and maintenance expenses, TradingMen needs to automate deployment. Meanwhile, the historical data API needs to realize the function of automatic expansion.
  • To solve the problem of a huge amount of data storage and backup.
  • To improve the mobile development process and utilize CICD to achieve the ability of rapid iteration process because of the short development cycle.
  • To use AWS services to provide secure user authentication functions.

Optimization achievements

  • Cost

    The function of automatic expansion can adjust costs automatically to achieve the balance between cost and benefit.
  • Availability

    AWS Auto Scaling service avoided failure risks and accelerated the speed of access. By using Amazon EFS to save data, TradingMen can reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Operation and maintenance cost

    By creating application through AWS Amplify and using AWS services such as Amazon Cognito and AWS AppSync, TradingMen realized the function of user login quickly. Terraform and AWS CloudFormation helped TradingMen realize the ability to create resources automatically. Also, the automatic deployment on the server-side is realized by using AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, and Amazon ECR.
  • Security

    The optimization scheme fully considered the Data Minimization principle while keeping operation records and access records for security audits. Also TradingMen provided secure user data storage through the deployment of Amazon Cognito and Amazon DynamoDB.

Optimization scheme

Optimization instance

Use AWS Amplify service to speed up application development.

By using AWS Amplify, we can create mobile applications very quickly and provide all-round support for mobile development through the integration of Amazon Cognito、Amazon SNS、Amazon Pinpoint、AWS AppSync. At the same time, through the deployment of AWS CodePipeline and AWS Device Farm, the automatic creation and test of mobile applications have been successfully realized and the application quality and development speed have been greatly improved.

Why Win Techno?

  • Professional Team:

    Many of our engineers are certified by major cloud providers. We provide services by engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in cloud development.
  • Powerful Support

    We provide various services such as environment construction, support of migrating Cloud systems from existing systems, VDI construction support, billing agency, system operation agency, etc.
  • Unique Technological Capacity

    We have a wealth of know-how in system security enhancement and 24/7/365 monitoring system development, and are engaged in the development of blockchain-based solutions.